Unleash meaningful sharing experiences...

...powered by authentic reactions from your friends.

Share your favourite content via the bonq app and make your friends laugh ๐Ÿคฃ, marvel ๐Ÿ˜ฒ, cry ๐Ÿ˜ญ.


Bring your favourite memories & memes to life


1. Send a bonq

When you find a photo or video that reminds you of your friends, send it to them via bonq.


2. Spark curiosity

Your friends receive the content blurred at first. They are curious and click on it.


3. Capture emotions

The blur is removed and the first, unique, authentic emotion is recorded and sent back to you.


Blurred content arouses curiosity

Every day, people consume digital content, like funny videos and pictures. Often this content reminds us of friends, so we share it through a messenger. We send them the content with the intention of making them laugh, marvel or even make them cry. But the reaction via these messengers is often text-based and emotionally reduced.

Instead, if you find a funny picture that reminds you of your friends, send it to them via bonq. Your friends receive the content, which is blurred at first, and are curious about what you have sent them.


Enriched with meaningful reactions

As soon as your friends click on the blurred image, the image becomes visible and the first, unique, authentic emotion is recorded and sent back to you. This is how bonq unleashes meaningful sharing experiences.

The personal reactions add an emotional dimension to your content. They are available in your bonq collection and that of your friends, so you can relive your emotional moments at any time.


Unleash a new sharing experience

We've designed sharing with bonq so that you can share your content through bonq with just a few clicks. TikToks or Insta posts can be shared directly from the sharing menu of the platforms with a click on the bonq app icon.

You can also send bonqs via a link, so you can capture your friends' reactions easily via the browser, even without a bonq account or app. bonq your friends with content from your Phone Gallery, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

FAQ: bonq is new, bonq is different

We are challenging the status quo of social messengers. Here are some questions you might have about this endeavour.

Existing solutions like Snapchat prioritise quantity over quality. As a result, the content is usually not particularly high quality and the reactions to it tend to be staged.

The internet often seems to be nothing more than endless, endorphin-driven scrolling. We want to change that with bonq. We want to give people a valuable sharing experience through authentic reactions from friends.

Yes, so that your friends can see your unique and real reaction. You have full control over who sees your reaction. If your content has been shared by your friend, only you and your friend will see your reaction. When you react to a group content, all members of the group can see your reaction. You can delete your reaction at any time.

Are you ready
to unleash real emotions?